So why do people want to travel? Here are 5 reasons why:

Travel – almost everyone thinks about it at one point in their life. It’s everything from a right of passage for a high school graduate, to a reward for the retiring 60-somethings. But why is it so appealing? Why would people prefer to spend their money on tin metal cans taking them to different places, rather than lets say – a kitchen, or a new bed or a car? Let’s think about the reasons why:

1) It’s different – we’re humans. We’re curious. We like peeking into the lives of those who are different from ourselves. Whether those people are interested in the life of humanity now or the lives of humanity past. We like different. It means it’s not “boring”.

2) Excitement – Travel is stressful, yes. Take it from this blogger who is in the process of planning to blow all her savings on a trip to America. But it’s also exciting. There is something so invigorating in the anticipation and preparation of travel, getting all your things together – even receiving your visa waiver or taking a new passport photo. It’s a build up to something special and unique, something you may never get the opportunity to do again.

3) An island in time – We are all so busy in our lives, that travel represents an oasis in time. A time where, even though you’re running around on tours trying to see everything there is to see in the time frame that really seemed quite long when you booked your flight, but in actuality you really should have gone for an extra month.

4) Bucket List Syndrome – Travel has a firm spot on almost everyone’s bucket list. It’s a universal truth – that you want to travel SOMEWHERE. Whether it’s in the same country or overseas, you want to experience something else. You want to see the world and what it has to offer – whether it be for humanitarian action, or shopping in Paris or Hong Kong, you want to get your of your bubble at least once in your life and say that “Hey, I did that” to your grandchildren.

5) Is the grass truly greener? – this is pretty much all the above reasons boiled down to one – we are all longing to escape our lives no matter how good they are and experience the grass on the other side, to see if it really is greener. A successful trip is discovering that yes, the grass is greener, but you still go home afterwards. Or maybe you don’t. That has happened.

So yes, travel is something on everyone’s bucket list – the anticipation of planning and excitement of exploring a new place is something that almost everyone wishes to achieve. It’s wired into our DNA. So begin, continue, or end your travel journey here, with us in the Sisterhood and let your minds escape while your body cannot. And if you have any suggestions of places to go, let us know!

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Bloggers X


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