Marhba fellow travellers, it’s A with you! In today’s post I want to share with you about my little adventure in Dubai. Now you can probably guess how much I love my shopping by now, so as always I’m going to start with the best places to shop in Dubai!!!

1. Dubai Mall- This mall proved to be amongst the most expensive places to shop in Dubai, and unless you are prepared to pay anything from a couple of hundred dollars and up then I wouldn’t quite recommend this place for shopping. However, the set up of this mall is exciting and I would still recommend you stopping by for a quick visit.


2. Emirates Mall-This mall caters for a more diverse range of people with high end shopping to moderate shopping and lower end designers too. This shopping centre was my favourite, not only because it had affordable shops, but also because it contained a large ski dome within the mall. It also had awesome places for dining such as ‘The Cheesecake Factory’. With glass walls surrounding the ski dome, you can enjoy views of it while dining in the well known restaurant.


3. Gold and Spice Souk- Sound familiar to you? Probably because you have seen what it entails in the hip movie ‘Sex and the city’. The Gold and Spice market is a must visit place in Dubai. Amongst the gold and spices, they sell other little nicknacks such as plush camels, traditional embroidered arabian sandals and fabrics. It’s defiantly a worthwhile experience and an enjoyable one for everyone.

Well, shopping isn’t my only hobby while travelling because there certainly are other exciting things to do! Especially when in Dubai you would be foolish not to check out the phenomenal architecture. Quite simply, you will be amazed. The buildings and architecture Dubai has to offer is ethereal.



Transport: In my experiences it worked out best to hire a private chauffeur for the day, I mean with the exhausting 40 degree heat in the month of July you will appreciate the space and more importantly the air conditioning. You can travel in luxury cars, and be driven around for a daily rate cost from anything as little as AED$250. Otherwise you may like to choose the option of getting a bus, and don’t be alarmed, there is air conditioning provided at the bus shelter while you wait around for your bus!

If you can’t afford a stay in the Burj al arab, don’t panic because I have found other ways to step inside and experience the high society life at less than a quarter of the price! So here it goes…..Book a tour or you can even make reservations to eat in at the only 7-star hotel in the world! The interior of this building was more exciting than the amazing ‘sail’ structure of the exterior to this building.



The palm island is an artificially constructed island that was built in the shape of a palm tree. The island has a tree trunk centred at the heart of the island and an amazing 16 fronds branching out of the island! Apart from it being a major tourist attraction in the United Arab Emirates, this one of a kind concept is defiantly sure to blow you away and I would highly recommend you going for a drive along one of the fronds if not all of them!


With the extremely hot weather in Dubai, you may like to consider a day out at a water theme park. The Wild Wadi Waterpark is one you may choose specially because it is still quite local to the main city and you wont have to travel very far from the inner mainland to get there. This waterpark is suitable for all age groups and consists of approximately 25 varieties of water slides!


Ma’a Salame, all the best and as always safe travels!

A xx


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