Minnesota, US – ya!

Hello everyone! E again Today I’m going to talk about somewhere a little different. Minnesota in the United States of America. My boyfriend is from the great state of Minnesota – or so he likes to call it. That is why I have something to say about it. I have been only once at the start of this year, at the start of February. Yep you heard it – February. Not only is this the the middle of Winter, but Minnesota is on average the coldest state in the whole of America. For someone who has never even seen snow before to plunging into -20 celsius temperatures, this sure was an experience. I’m sure you at least know a little bit about the places we have discussed in this blog, however, unless you have a strange connection to Minnesota like me, I’m guessing this post will enlighten you a little bit.


The people

So Minnesota is known by other Americans as the friendly state. They don’t know what it is, whether they have to act happy because they have no other choice (staying inside 4 months of the year does that to you) but it is true. Minnesotans are ridiculously friendly. I was shocked to have a random stranger comment on my “gorgeous” coat as soon as I set foot off the plane in Minnesota, and have multiple people comment on the ‘awesomeness’ of my accent. My boyfriend is from a small town called Hutchinson, and I can’t speak for the people of the capital city St Paul, but they were all extremely hospitable and friendly. Everyone seemed genuinely happy in this town. My boyfriend’s mum was cheery when shovelling snow off the drive-way at 6 am, and also managed to maintain a smile when a snow storm cancelled our trip up north which she was highly anticipating. All in all, I can say you will have no issues with the people here.

The Weather

I have already spoken about the weather a little bit, my goodness was it cold! Being from Sydney, Australia born and bred, I was definitely not used to having to put on a singlet, a thermal long-sleeved shirt, a normal long-sleeved shirt, a vest, a sweater, a jumper AND a huge snow-coat. It was on average around -15 celsius everyday, and the sun did not peek out once when I was there. I remember one day it got pretty warm at about -1 degrees and it felt like summer! As previously mentioned, the snow had to be shovelled every morning just so we could get the car out of the garage. The cars also had to be turned on half an hour before we left so they would actually run! Air-conditioning was a necessity. No windows were ever open, and as I’m used to always having at least one window open in Australia whilst I sleep, this was interesting. I always woke up in the morning with a sore throat and sometimes a bloody nose because of the dryness in the air due to the air-conditioning! After a week my body began to get used to it, so don’t worry it won’t last for too long. Oh and be careful of the ice on the footpaths! The amount of times I slipped over was ridiculous! If I wasn’t with my family-in-law I don’t know how I would have survived.


Things To Do

Minnesota definitely has some great experiences! I would recommend first off going to the Minnesota Zoo, it is fantastic! Every possible animal is there. There is an outside walking bit where you can see all the animals who live in the snow. My personal favourite were the wolves. I also went to an ice-hockey game in the capital city of St Paul which was amazing. The atmosphere was so great, I would definitely recommend it. I also went snow-mobiling on a huge frozen lake in a snow blizzard. I would definitely recommend that too. I also helped push a car out of a ditch in the snow, however I don’t recommend getting your car stuck just for that.Image

Anyway, hope you learnt a bit about Minnesota.

Cheerio, E! xox


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