Nelsons Bay, NSW!

Hi there! E here.

I was thinking that today I would post somewhere a bit more local as I am a Sydney native. In the latest university holidays I spent five days in Nelsons Bay, which is about 2 1/2 hours drive north from Sydney. It is renowned for its beautiful beaches, scenery and dolphin cruises! My family and I (about 6 adults & 3 kids) stayed in a lovely penthouse apartment at the Mantra Resort. With so many people we definitely needed the space! Now I will tell you a bit about the place assuming you do not know much about it.


The Weather

My goodness the weather was fantastic! I was staying there from around the 20th of September to the 25th, and granted NSW was having an unusual heatwave for spring. The whole time I was there it was at least 28 degrees celsius, with one day hitting 34! If you are familiar with NSW coastal weather, you would know that it is pretty nice during spring and summer. Because it is a coastal town and a lot of the activities revolve around water, I would recommend travelling there between the months of September-March.

Things To Do

Swimming in pools, spas, beaches, lagoons etc. This is what you come to Nelsons Bay to do! I spent most of my time by the pool in my hotel, which was lovely. I would make sure that wherever you are staying has a pool! There is also a few beautiful beaches. I have been told that One Mile beach is the most beautiful in the area, however we didn’t get to check it out on that trip. I also did a nice bush walk up to Nelson Bay lighthouse, which took about an hour there and back from the middle of town. The view from the lighthouse itself was absolutely amazing. I would recommend doing the walk at sunset so you can catch the lovely sky. The town itself is very cute, it has lots of little boutique shops. There are numerous restaurants such as Chinese, Italian, Thai etc. We ordered out from the Chinese restaurant (there is only one in town, google it!) and it was great – would definitely recommend that too. As I said I spent most of my time by the pool however there is lots on offer that I would have liked to do such as horse riding on the beach, sand dune riding and scuba diving.


For Kids

I came with my two nephews and niece (all 5 and under) and they had an absolutely blast. I would definitely say that it is a good place to take kids. We made sure our hotel was kid friendly. They had a pool, a kids sprinkler area and a games room. The kids spent most of the time in the pool, and I would recommend making sure you bring lots of pool toys and floaties (flotation devices) if they can’t swim to make the whole experience more relaxing. In town there were multiple play areas and children’s entertainment such as a clown making balloons! We also went to a wildlife park called Oakvale Farm & Fauna World which was about half an hour out of Nelsons Bay. If you’re into Australian wildlife and like to be able to freely pat a kangaroo, wallaby, koala and feed a cute lamb a bottle then this is the place for you! My nephews and nieces absolutely loved it.


Until next time, E x.


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